Have you ever been told?

“Oh, you can’t mix those traditions.” Or heard, “No; that’s not how it’s done.”

Well I say, “Yes, you can. I did and you can too.”

I did it my way, now I'm here to help you do it your way.


With Sarah's Story

On August 6th and 7th, 1999 I married the love of my life Roderick Nerva at a Registry Office in Bournemouth and in a Handfasting in Sway, Hampshire, England.  Nearly a quarter century later we are still going, stronger than ever. On our special day, we did it our way. We had:

My wedding was professional, alternative and creative.



With Serendipity

As someone who has experienced the joy and magic of a truly unique and personalised wedding celebration, I became passionate about helping others with their own unforgettable ceremonies. 

As a wedding celebrant and master of ceremonies, I am professional, alternative and creative. My professionalism allows me to plan with precision. My creativity allows me to offer an authentic, friendly and innovative service. 

I am dedicated to working closely with my clients to understand their vision, honour their traditions, and bring their love story to life in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to them. 

I am inclusive regardless of gender, sexuality or physical ability. I respect people’s differences and treat all people with courtesy, dignity and tolerance, without bigotry and prejudice.

It brings me so much happiness to be a part of such special moments.  It is important that you do your research and find the celebrant who is right for you.   

I also believe that like attracts like, come meet with me, get a feel for who I am. If our values align and you feel I am the right fit for you, we can create magic together.