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 A celebrant and master of ceremonies, I promise professional, alternative and creative services to support you with your special events. 

I take a unique and personalised approach to assist my clients in marking life's milestones; creating ceremonies that are meaningful, inclusive, and reflective of the individual or couple being celebrated. 

When I had my wedding, I did it my way, and now I'm here to help you do it your way...

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With Personalised Weddings

I specialise in personalised wedding ceremonies that reflect a couple's unique love story, beliefs, and values. My open-mindedness, and diverse experience of different cultures and beliefs, gives me the necessary confidence to incorporate elements from any cultural or religious traditions desired. Some of my favourite weddings include (but are not limited to):


Recent Testimonial

"I have had the pleasure of attending multiple events where Sarah Nerva has been the MC, and I can honestly say they've been some of the most moving and memorable experiences of my life. Sarah's ability to connect with the audience and create a sense of community and shared purpose is truly remarkable. She crafts her speeches to honor the occasion and the people involved with thoughtfulness and care."

Trent Sellars


With Milestone Events

Whether your event requires a celebrant or a master of ceremonies, I am experienced in all manner of hosting and public speaking. I can make your milestone memorable for all the right reasons. Some of the event types I can assist with include (but are not limited to):



If you are just beginning your wedding journey, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options available to you. There are a few websites and directories to assist you in pathing your way. Whether you opt to use my services or not, I wish you love and every success on your special day. Check out the following:

Attorney General's Department
Fraser Coast Regional Council
Births, Deaths & Marriages
Marriage Certificates

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With Gratitude

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