Medieval Weddings


With Victory Village

A wonderful venue for your Medieval Wedding set in the bushland west of Tiaro in Queensland is the medieval Victory Village at Riverbend. 

Victory Village is available as a supreme and totally unique wedding venue.  It provides a perfect backdrop for the wedding or commitment ceremony of your dreams.  Walk through the tall wooden fortress gates, you could be forgiven for thinking you were no longer in 2020, but back in the 1400s. Small wooden cottages with hidden closets and attics as sleeping quarters surround the village, which incorporates others such as Osborne Stables, Herald Draco's Herbal Cottage, and Crinklebottom's Inn, where Dagger the Dangerous will serve you a nice cold beer and the Village Meeting Hall. 

The Victory Village at Riverbend observes Pagan ceremonies, which include Sabbats, Cross Quarter Festivals, Sun and Moon Events as well as the Turning of the Wheel of the Year.  The Village boasts a range of magical settings catering for including a range of wedding options an sizes including, the intimate Circle of Four Directions, three different Ritual Stone Circles, and the Standing Stones of Wattle Grove.  

Owners Lord Terence and Lady Tonya invite you to share their unique and much loved home to help create your perfect ceremony.  The couple's love of history and medieval castles inspired them to create this very special place after a honeymoon touring Southern France, visiting castles.  Together their dream of building their own medieval village became a reality, now your wedding dream can be realised to.

Photos by Glen Morris Photography